Welcome potential dealers! Thanks for your interest in joining the Dream Cymbals Revolution! Let us give you a few reasons why Dream Cymbals is the perfect addition to your drum department!

Exceptionally crafted hand hammered products - We ONLY make hand hammered cymbals from our own B20 alloy to ensure the warmest, broadest spectrum and most responsive cymbals we can make. The sounds we create have received rave reviews and are often imitated by some of the biggest companies out there. I guess we should be flattered by that...

Check out what Canadian dealer Phil Hornsey of Timpano Percussion in Montreal had to say about Dream Cymbals

“Dream cymbals was one of the first cymbal lines that we brought into the shop. There are many reasons why we love these cymbals, but the most important is the sound! We always have a large selection on hand for the clients to play (at least 50!) and we receive new shipments on a regular basis.”

2-year warranty - Simple, online. When we had our first warranty about 3 years into selling cymbals, someone asked What is our warranty policy? I said I don't know what do the other guys do? "1 year "came the response."Make ours 2 years" I said. It still is. Now the other guys is 2 years too. It makes us blush.Great Value - We are literally all working musicians. We understand and respect the instruments working drummers use and how important their dollars are. Musicians should be respected. Our retail MAP prices are fair and great value, typically 30-50% below the competitions product of similar quality.

Great Margins- They are too good to print. Really.

Great Turns - JK from the midwest "in seven months since taking on Dream, we sold 65 pieces, more than the top two brands combined for the last 2 years"

MAP - We enforce MAP. Our MAP policy is simple and avoids loop holes. If we find MAP violation we get it corrected in 24 hours or the dealer can stop selling Dream.

Dealer reward programs - We value our amazing dealers and we believe as you accumulate sales over the year you should be rewarded with better discounts and perks! Each tier of our rewards program offers bonuses such as free freight, special in-store events and exclusive products. The level you reach as of NAMM each year is the level you start at for the following 12 months.

Small dealer appreciation - You don't have to be big to be a big shot at Dream. If we are the only cymbal line you carry we treat you like a First-tier dealer, even if your sales volume doesn't qualify you for it. We call it leap frogging. if Dream is your only brand, you leap frog to level one rewards. If Dream is one of 2 brands, you leap frog to level 2 rewards and so on.

All dealer appreciation - We believe in small business! We choose not to sell to Guitar Center or their affiliates or directly to Amazon. We want to help independent stores thrive!

The FAMOUS Dream Cymbals recycling program - Go here to learn more about this industry-leading program.

Online ordering- all North American dealers have aces to their own accounts with Dream online, where they can make and manage their orders, 24/7.

Dealer marketing- We believe we need to market the fine dealers who sell Dream as well as marketing the cymbals. Our dealer listings include bios, descriptions and links to your web site. Coming soon, even greater ability for us to direct customers directly to your store to make a sale, all without fussy shopatron or other services.

We look forward to hearing from you, Join the Revolution and become a Dream Cymbals dealer today!