Libor Hadrava - Dream Cymbals Inspired Studies - Part 1

By Libor Hadrava.

The sound of my 14" Energy Hi-Hat is responsible for these exercises.

One day when I was going through and practicing all the limb combinations and systems out of the Matrix from my upcoming book called "In-Depth Rhythm Studies - The Working Metronome", I came across "L-Hand, L-Foot" single stroke roll pattern. It is quite difficult at first to practice this pattern on two different sound sources (ex. LF = Hi-hat LH = Snare), making sure they are even. Especially at faster tempos it is sometimes very difficult to tell whether you are playing it even or not due to their sound differences (pitch, timbre, volume, etc.).

I moved my left hand to my hi-hat that was still being played by my left foot and Hurray!

Not only did I hear a beautiful and inspiring sound but is also a lot easier to practice this particular system that was since precise timing and articulation are necessary for it to sound correct (closed on the 1st and 3rd, open on the 2nd and 4th sixteenth note).

I liked it so much that I developed several coordination exercises and studies based on this "Disco" pattern. Let me share some of them with you.

Our goal is to be able to play anything else we want on top of this groove and be able to use it in a musical situation. To begin, we will play the bass drum through sixteenth note permutations, that way we will become comfortable with any sixteenth note subdivision for now. It seems basic and a lot easier than it actually is. Do not underestimate it.

- Take each sticking pattern one at a time and become comfortable playing it on its own.
- Add the bass drum. (See bass drum sixteenth note permutation chart below)
a - practice each measure individually
b - practice all sixteenth note permutations by shifting your bass drum further in the measure by one sixteenth note after each measure

I hope practicing these exercises will open doors to new ideas and inspirations. Use your imagination!