Daniel Zepeda


Daniel Zepeda

I am Daniel Zepeda, I was born in Mexico City on August 26 of 1987. I started playing the drums when my dad gave me a drumset 16 years ago, I was 9.

My first teacher was Alex Zepeda, my uncle. He was teaching me while I was also receiving tips from other professional drummers. During this period I was playing in churches, and I also received my first professional opportunity, playing ¨cha cha cha¨ with the Latin star Maria Vvictoria.

At 16 I met the drum virtuoso Jorge Lopez. (Alvaro Lopez Jr´s brother, and Alvaro Lopez Sr´s son). I took lessons with him for 3 years, while studying with him I could develop a lot my technique, fusion vocabulary, and as a person in general.

After that, at 19 I focused in piano, harmony, and production, when I met Tony Bravo (Dick Grove´s student). During this period I was playing in TV shows, some recordings, producing music for television, and also had the opportunity to record and produce my first jazz fusion EP, where I had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the best musicians in Mexico City.

I auditioned at Bberklee College of Music, where I received a scholarship as a performer, and the ¨best scholarship¨ (Berklee entering student talent scholarship), for 3 compositions that i sent. In Berklee I had the honor to study with some monster musicians such as: Terry Lyne Carrington, Joe Hazilla, Ralph Peterson, Fernando Brandao, Bernardo Hernandez, among others.

I came back to Mexico to keep doing what i was doing. producing music for television, playing with some indie rock bands, playing jazz, making arrangements for different pop albums, and forming my own pop rock band, where Ii sing and play the drums. Then I entered to Lafaro Jazz Institute, (Agustin Bernal´s jazz school) where I keep growing as a musician. here I could learn from great jazz musicians, such as the great Agustin Bernal, Hector Rodriguez, Gabriel Puentes etc. At the same time as receiving private jazz drum lessons from the master Gabriel Puentes.

Recently I went to New York to study with Ari Hoenig and Rodney Green, 2 jazz icons of these days, where I received the information, and the inspiration to keep growing as a musician, and as a drummer for many years.

During my career as a drummer I have been lucky enough to work with people like: David Bisbal, Aalexander Acha, Chenoa, Enrique Iglesias, Cristian Castro, Yuri, Mijares, Emmanuel, Menudo, Maria Victoria, Agustin Bbernal, Victor Patron, Pepe Hernandez, Brian Cubria, Yornasol, Reco (my rock pop band), Andreas Zanetti, Sonido Landon, Jazmin Solar, Alonso Lopez, Marie Anne Greenham, Mauricio Morales, Jako Gonzalez and some others.

in terms of production i have worked as an arranger, composer, or producer with: Juan Gabriel, Aarmando Manzanero, Jorge Gallegos, Ilse (from Flans), Dave Way (Fionna Apple´s, Michael Jackson, and Macy Gray´s engineer), Steve Churchyard (Alejandro Sanz, Inxs, Juanes, and Katy Perry´s engineer), Alexander Acha, Alex Lora, Emmanuel, Imanol Landeta, etc.

i have made music for some ¨telenovelas¨such as: La Mujer del Vendaval, Peregrina, La Que No Podia Amar, Juro Que Te Amo, and some others.