DREAM GOES BIG AND DARK IN 2021 with 24" Ride Cymbals and the new Dark Matter Bliss Cymbals

After bringing the 24" Bliss and Contact Small Bell Flat Rides to the market with great success Dream Cymbals have decided to go all-in with oversized ride cymbals. Releasing the 24" Energy Ride, 24" Contact Ride, 24" Dark Matter Bliss Ride and 24" Dark Matter Vintage Bliss Ride in 2021.

In addition to The 24" Rides Dream are also excited to introduce the Dark Matter Bliss Series. A perfect blend of our two most popular lines, the Dark Matter Bliss takes all of the characteristics customers love about our classic Bliss line and runs it through our fired twice Dark Matter process. In the initial offering of the Dark Matter Bliss, Dream are unveiling 17/18/19" Dark Matter Bliss Paper Thin Crashes as well as 20/22" Dark Matter Bliss Crash Rides.

24" Contact Ride

The 24" Contact Ride features the warm wash and crystal clear stick definition as the 24" Contact Small Bell Flat Ride but beefed up with a significantly larger bell and more traditional profile that delivers shimmering accents that cut while still maintaining the warmth the Contact Series is known for.

24" Energy Ride

Featuring a huge sounding unlathed bell the 24" Energy Ride sits in the mid/high range of the mix which makes it a fantastic option for drummers who may need a little extra brightness to get heard! Standard Lathing through the shoulder of the cymbal allows players to have an unmatched dynamic range.

24" Dark Matter Bliss Ride

Created with Dream's own Dark Matter Process, the 24" Dark Matter Bliss is a huge ride that opens up with a roar of wash but can also sizzle in lower dynamics. It features a large and cutting bell with crystalline stick definition. This cymbal is a favorite of our artists who spend a lot of time in the studio.

24" Dark Matter Vintage Bliss Ride

Built with our unique Vintage Bliss profile and Dark Matter processing the 24" Dark Matter Vintage Bliss gives players the warm ride cymbal sound found on their favorite blue note records with a complex and enveloping wash that opens up significant sonic possibilities.

17" 18" 19" Dark Matter Bliss Paper Thin Crashes

The Fast Crash attack of our Bliss Paper Thins paired with our Dark Matter Process has created a perfect crash cymbal for studio musicians. Perfect accents with minimal wash have created the sound of a processed cymbal, while maintaining the warmth and feel of hand-hammered instruments.

20" 22" Dark Matter Bliss Crash Rides

Fully versatile crash rides created with the working drummer in mind. Articulation throughout the cymbal when worked with the tip of the drumstick also creates a bed of wash that never overpowers the cymbal or the band. Warmth and articulation while riding with a beautiful full crash if the drummer needs accents.