Jeremiah Ackermann


Jeremiah Ackermann

Jeremiah Ackermann is a musician beyond his years. From the beginning of his career at age fifteen, immersing his talents in a myriad of projects and ensembles, he immediately took root in collaborating with other musicians at the first touch of a drumstick.

Though lacking in an eloquent degree from a prestigious, notable post-secondary institution, Jeremiah has earned an education in networking with a wide variety of talented soloists and groups. Performing alongside the classically trained to the beautifully unique, his styles have cleared a gap between world music and indie rock. Over the past five years, he has garnered a name for himself within the Vancouver music community for his distinctive energy and presence on stage.

With compositions integrated into projects such as indie-folk visionaries Alea Rae and electronic powerhouses MESA LUNA, his performance has been described as “punctuated” and “engaging” (Discorder Magazine). Short of an extensive released recording history, Jeremiah has consulted and developed with several local acts inside and outside the studio and has found counterbalance in live settings. Now, having toured throughout Western Canada and, as of June 2015, the country in its entirety with his trio, Alea Rae, Jeremiah plans to only expand his reach and strengthen his relationships within musical communities even further.

Some of his notable performances include: opening for BESTiE, opening for Florida dream-pop duo SALES, a Sofar Sounds International Women’s Day Showcase, Co-headlining REOFest 2014.