Jody Brumell


Jody Brumell

John David (Jody) Brumell began to play the drums in utero when his parents went to see Buddy Rich perform at the Imperial room in Toronto.

He started on cardboard boxes, pots and pans when he was 8 and formed Supervolt, a Village People tribute act.

After performing in many groups throughout Elementary, Middle and High School, he enrolled in New York City's Drummers Collective, studying with Mike Clark, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Sandy Gennaro, Pete Zeldman, Fred Klatz, Frank Katz, Kim Plainfield and Bobby Sanabria. He's performed, toured and/or recorded with Darc Shaddo, The Quantum Theory Quartet, Ordinance, Map of Dreams, The Plants, Lorded, Our Lady Peace, Kenny MacLean, Last Supper, Zookey/Betty Stew, Zeppelinesque, Paul Reddick, Serena Ryder, The Speed Kings, Rik Emmett, Katey Morley, The SHANKS, Flash Lightnin', Bella Clava, Clayton Bellamy, Cheetah Chrome, Ron Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins, Lowest of The Low, Chloé Watkinson, Ace of Wands and most recently Alicia Toner. Jody is based in Toronto, ON.