Raul Corona

Machine Messiah

Raul Corona

Raul is the drummer, lyricist and lead singer of Epitaph. Born in Mexico City he began to discover his passion for drums after listening to Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida but due to the limitations of the apartment in which he grew up in he wasn’t able to buy his first kit until the age of 16.

He states that he learned how to play drums mostly by watching his idols and playing along to his recordings. Raul’s biggest influences are Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, Rush, Marillion, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Who, ELP, Dream Theater and the RHCP, and of course all of their respective drummers. Epitaph started as early as 2009 when Raul got the band together along with band mates Mauricio Godínez (guitar) and Gregorio Gómez (bass), but it wasn’t until the arrival of Jorge Rojas (keyboards) that the band recorded their first album “Human, Not Humane” in 2015. The album reflects the band’s progressive influences, while also adding a strong input from other music genres (Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Soundtrack music and Classic Rock). The album has gotten great reviews both locally and internationally and is currently available for downloading and streaming on all available platforms.

The band is getting ready to record their second album and trying to get the support of a record company in order to continue to write and record their own music. Raul is a proud official endorser of Dream Cymbals and is currently using a 22” Energy Ride, 8” Energy Splash, REFX Bell, 10” Hadrava Combo Stack and an 18” Pang. “Dream Cymbals are every drummer’s dream: sonically unmatchable, incredibly durable and with an amazing price tag to boot, what else can you ask for in a cymbal?”