Jesse Manason


Jesse Manason

When you think of a drummer, what do you see? Someone hidden behind a kit in the shadows of the band? Picture instead a drum kit centre stage, sparkling under the spot light.

A track starts to play and everyone looks around for the DJ, but instead out comes a performer with one objective: to entertain.

Jesse Manason (JM) is one of the most unique and entertaining drummers on the West Coast. His balance of passion and talent make for an unforgettable experience.

Growing up on punk-rock and hip-hop, JM has managed to bridge the gap between these two extremes. Taking an intense & aggressive style developed from years of touring in punk & metal bands and applying it to a deep groove, rooted in his love for hip-hop, Jesse's sound was born. He continues to gain notoriety with his high energy solo performances, adding crushing live drums to a custom-made mix of hip-hop, electronic & top 40 tracks.

Whether performing solo, with a DJ, drumming at church or backing up a group like electronic/pop duo, LIINKS or rock/gospel artist, Fraser Campbell, Jesse is always committed to serving the song.

Some of his most recent and notable performances include: opening for Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah, a showcase at Victoria Drum Fest along-side session legend, Dave Weckl, Canadian Music Week with LIINKS and a collaboration with all-female hip-hop dance crew, Diamonds In The Rough, at World Of Dance.

With his relentless practice schedule, unique creativity and unstoppable drive, Jesse Manason is surely on a path to success.