Robb Ryan


Robb Ryan

A serious and passionate educator, Robb has been a lifelong student of the drum set, began taking private lessons at the young age of 6 studying through his teens, eventually leading to studying music performance at both Mohawk and Humber college.

This gave him the opportunity to study with some of Canada’s best players including Mark Rogers, Kevin Dempsey, Roger Flock (snare drum only), Rick Gratton and Vito Rezza. Robb is considered an expert in Gary Chaffee’s material having studied the 4 volume Pattern series for over 20 years. This has given him the ability to use sticking patterns, linear phrasing, odd note groupings and poly-rhythms in an effortless and musical manner. As a player Robb is a chameleon fitting in well in any musical environment, he is a veteran of the Niagara and Hamilton Ontario music scenes played everything from ethnic weddings, trio jazz, fusion, top 40, R&B/funk and hard rock. As an educator he puts strong emphasis on hand technique, basic rudiments and their use around the drum set, Gary Chaffee’s material and four way independence including soloing over ostinatos, playing different styles such as funk, fusion, jazz and afro-cuban. Robb can be reached through his website or at