Karl Sloman

Educator / Author

Karl Sloman

Karl Fitzgerald-Sloman is a musician who started his career in 1971 when he took up piano lessons with the Western Conservatory of Music in London, Ontario, Canada.

Karl plays 8 instruments drum set being his forte.

Karl has played in numerous bands covering various styles of music performing country, classic rock, Latin, funk, blues, swing, progressive and metal.

In 2003 Karl founded the Wizdom Progressive Music Academy. During that time Karl studied with Dom Famularo, Jim Chapin, Joe Morello and Frank Bellucci.

Karl has also taken an active role with persons with disabilities and presently runs a music program for students with Cerbral Palsy. In his program he created a band Trainwreck, which has received critical, acclaim in Canada and has performed for numerous education and disability programs.

Karl has also used his drumming skills to assist those less fortunate than himself. Ranging from 24 hour to 60 hour drumming marathons he has raised awareness for food banks and disabled programs across Ontario.

In 2010 Alfred Music signed Karl as an author and is presently producing his book The Coordination Code that takes an entirely new visual approach on coordination studies.

Karl became a Dream Endorser in 2011 after using Dream Cymbals for 4 years. Karl’s favorite Dream Cymbals are his 14” Energy Hi Hats.