Héctor Cordova

Mexico - Los Rastrillos / Taapa Groove

Héctor Cordova

Hector Cordova was born on one night in October in Mexico City, since he was young he would hit anything that was within his reach as if it were a percussion.

At 7 years old a friend let him borrow a drum set; his life changed...

He started his formal study of drum set playing in the Cultural Center “Casa Del Lago”, He was accepted into the National Institute of Bellas Artes where he started to study and continued his formal study of classical percussion. He continued his journey in the National School of Music UNAM with Gustavo Salas, with whom he learned to play the marimba, timbal drum and accessories of percussion. In this stage he participated in the courses given by the Ensemble of Percussions TAMBUCO.

He received a full scholarship to take the course of Drum Set and Integral Musical Development where he studied with Iván "Pato" García, Enrique Nery, and Armando Montiel to name a few. He has collaborated in recordings with various artists such as Amlak Tafari (Steel Pulse), Hugo “Lobo” (Dancing Mood), Jorge Serrano (Authentic Decadents), Sr. Flavio (Fabulous Cadillacs), Dr. Shenka (Panteon Rococo), Big Javy (Inspector), Pablito Molina (Todos tus Muertos).

He won 4th place in the contest “Design and Music 2013” organized by the National Council for Arts and Culture (CONACULTA) because of his composition “Mai Glob”. He is the only Latin American in the global video project “Pearl Project 108 one.5” Available on YouTube.

He is a drummer of the some the most important Reggae groups in Mexico: “Los Rastrillos” (Reggae/World Beat), “Taapa Groove” (Ska/Jazz), "Máxico" (Reggae/Jazz), "Olinka and Masehuali" (Reggae/Hip Hop), "P!" (Dub/House).

Also he gives classes of drum playing in the FARO Oriente, project propelled by the Secretary of Culture of Mexico City and forms a part of the innovative academy of music “BEATS FOR KIDS” for which he designed the plan of studies directed for kids with whom he shares his knowledge and passion for playing the drum set.