Adam Gammage

UK – Tom Grennan

Adam Gammage

Adam is an official endorser of Dream Cymbals in the U.K.

Adam Gammage is a drummer from the U.K.

currently about to embark on a huge sold out tour with Tom Grennan, a singer/songwriter also from the U.K.

Adam has previously worked with Rebecca Ferguson, Charlie XCX, James Arthur, Baxter Dury and Eliot Sumner, to name but a few.

He started playing drums at the age of 14 and once leaving school worked at The Drum Centre in Northampton for a number of years until touring became a dream come true.

He joined London-based band The Hours in 2009 that took him from a small U.K. tour all the way to opening slots on the famous U2 '360' stadium tour playing the likes of Wembley Stadium and Hamden Park. Once making these connections with London-based musicians from The Hours, he then joined Baxter Dury in 2010 that led to years of touring and recording that continues to this day.

After touring and recording worldwide with The Hours, Baxter and Sparkadia (Sydney-based indie band), the opportunity arose for Adam to become stickman for X-Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson in 2013. Once on board, he made U.K. TV appearances on the likes of X-Factor, Daybreak, This Morning, The Alan Carr Show, etc., as well as U.K. touring.

At the end of Rebecca's 'Sounds of Freedom' campaign, Adam stumbled upon Eliot Sumner; which required a completely different take on live drumming. Adam is all over Eliot's 'Information' album which demanded a much more rocky and electronic approach. This led the band to make their way to America for touring and TV appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and James Cordon's shows in front of tens of millions live.

This leaves Adam at present day as a Gretsch, Dream Cymbals and Remo endorser with Tom Grennan, already set for a packed year of extensive touring and festivals.