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Sasa Macek

Hey guys, I am Sasa Macek from Croatia and I am 31. All the way from Croatia to LA to make music my way of life.

I dedicated myself to music as a child and all through high school. I remember how I sacrificed the regular high school experience in order to pursue my dream and professionally dedicate my time to music and playing drums. In just six years I literally played more than 800 concerts with the band from Croatia called Seekersplanet and they are actually a Christian band.

Even then you could say that I already mastered the skills of management and production by organizing big events.

After the experience with that band, I decided to form my own band and I called it Voodoo Lizards and we collaborated with the world famous band 'The Rolling Stones' whose members and producers worked on a joint project, not only creating songs together but also performing in Croatia and in Los Angeles. Having the privilege and possibility to work closely and interact with professionals from the very top of the music industry was an amazing experience for which I am very grateful because I know how rare it is)
In 2009, as a student of DRUMMERS COLLECTIVE from a small town called Groznjan in Croatia, and organized by a world famous drummer who is a winner of Guiness world records as the fastest drummer in the world, in a very tight competition, I managed to be proclaimed as the best young drummer of Europe and as such I was rewarded a prize – a scholarship to the prestigious music college 'Drummers collective' in New York, where I excelled in playing percussion and studying music business in a period of a month. I want to stress that the lectures were held by musicians who played with world famous musicians such as Pink, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars. I have stayed in contact with them over all these years.