Craig Bagby

Sunny Sweeney

Craig Bagby

Craig Bagby started teaching himself how to play the drums when he was 15 years old and is still doing so today.

The Beaumont, Texas native spent his formative years playing in bands in high school and college before joining The Groobees, from Amarillo Tx, in 1992. In pursuit of a drumming career, Bagby moved to Austin, Texas in 1995. Not wanting to get locked into a single genre, he has made it a point to play with a diverse array of artists in an effort to increase his vocabulary and find the right approach for each song. This pursuit has led Craig to play with play with artists like Bonnie Whitmore, The Mastersons, Will Johnson, Aaron Lee Tasjan, John Popper, Heather Morgan, Graham Weber, Collin Herring, Shurman, Austin Collins, The Beautiful Supermachines, The Mother Truckers, Guy Forsyth, The Dead End Angels, Bill Ricchini, The Texas Sapphires, Back Porch Mary, Mandy Rowden and punk rock legend Jon Dee Graham as well as doing regular studio work. Craig is currently touring with country singer Sunny Sweeney, putting in an average of over 120 shows a year all over the US and abroad.