Charles Barchuk


Charles Barchuk

Started taking lessons at the ripe old age of 6 from a Gentleman in the US Army Band named William Messerschmidt.

From him I learned the glorious traditional grip, rudimental drumming, and mallet percussion. Throughout middle and high school I was involved in school band including concert band, symphonic band, jazz band, marching band and drum corps. In additional I regularly participated in solo and ensemble, all county and all district band. All I did was eat, sleep, drums. It was great. As my high school years concluded I said good bye to my mentor and friend Mr. Messerschmidt and moved North Carolina where I attended East Carolina University. There I had the opportunity to grow my skills even more.

I was involved in various performance groups both in the music department and out. My 20s was basically me trying to make it as a musician. I played in many regional touring groups some of which I've mentioned already. In the early 2000s I was introduced to Progressive Music Center where my teaching career all started. This pattern I've laid down has continued to the present. I've been playing the drums my whole life and literally know nothing else. Now as a veteran percussion instructor I get to pass on all the wealth of knowledge I've picked up from others over the years. I still play often as well in church and in various jazz circles in the area. I love the instrument and it's given me a wonderful life that I feel blessed to have. Thank you.