Alex Brander

Big D and the Kids Table

Alex Brander

At the age of 10, Alex Brander, originally hailing from Cape Cod, MA, picked up a pair of sticks, and found his passion.

Inspired by the infusion of the local rock n’ roll, reggae, and jazz scenes of the Cape, Alex soon worked his way from playing in the school band, to gigging. Through the help of his teacher, John Jamison, Alex weaved his way through drum line, jazz bands, and classical pitched percussion, until eventually, at age 16, Alex began freelancing around the Cape. Accompanying big bands to steel pan players, while continuing to build his own band, Alex started to explore the options that music could have for him, not only as a career choice, but as his life’s passion. This discovery eventually led him to the University of New Hampshire, where he studied Music Education/ Performance. Under the guidance of Les Harris Jr. (drum set instructor) and Nancy Smith (classical percussion instructor), Alex dove into the finer aspects jazz combo playing, and chart reading, as well as holding his own in an orchestra setting, and in the solo space. From four mallet marimba exercises, to rearranging modern electronic music into a percussion ensemble, Alex made his way through, only to return closer to where he began. In 2014 Alex moved to Brighton, MA, where his next chapter would unfold. Coasting through different bands, ensembles, and freelancing constantly both with nation and international artists, Alex finally found his way to Big D and The Kids Table, a punk/ ska band from Boston, MA. Since 2017, Alex has toured with Big D and the Kids Table extensively throughout the country, as well as UK, Europe and Canada, while also maintaining time for his own personal musical growth. Developing a taste for the studio, Alex has maintained a steady flow of studio projects and recordings, as well as staying involved in local Boston events such as drum offs, and playing in side projects.