Keith Capsuto


Keith Capsuto

A long time performer, teacher and clinician, Keith Capsuto has played on several cymbals, but is extremely happy to have made the choice of playing Dream.

Keith is all about technique, balance and dynamics and says that Dream gives him all of that --- and then some.

Keith started his love of drums at the young age of 5, and has never put his sticks down since that time. A survivor of colon cancer, Keith says that music helped him focus through some incredibly hard times. He has toured with several bands such as SoupCity, The Wes Marquette Jazz Quartet, Windrose, and is currently working with his own band Enuff Said. Keith’s favorite genres of music are: Rock, Funk and Jazz. He is currently working on his book, Love - Life and the Ostomy, as well as his drum video Off the Rim.

Keith continues his clinic work, teaching, playing and public speaking, including his other love: Photography. Please visit his website.