Christopher Carroll


Christopher Carroll

Christopher Carroll is a professional drummer currently residing in Ft. Mill, SC. He grounded his musical roots in early funk and rock with the help of his father Scott (also a drummer) who taught him that music is more than a background noise but a feeling. He began at an early age learning his way around a kit to the tunes of Steely Dan, Buddy Miles, and Stevie Wonder. After honing a style remnant of Bonham and Pocarro he ventured into heavier genres of rock. Listening to such artists as Pantera, Helmet, and Clutch he gained an energetic, passionate style of playing with a backbeat that remains consistently in the pocket.

He began playing live shows at the age of 15 and throughout his early high school years he was constantly sought after for various projects, from worship music to punk and metal groups recording a total of 3 cd’s before graduating in 2000. He quickly became a staple in the southeast music scene as a “go to drummer” for rock, metal, country, and pop. After playing several years with Columbia, SC based Madison Fair he worked briefly with Arista recording artist I-Nine and in 2006 joined Solid State recording artist Inhale Exhale with whom he recorded two full length releases.

In 2009 he left Inhale Exhale and joined SC indie-rock group Rejectioneers with whom he currently plays, at this time he also began regular studio work with Archer Avenue Studios. Later in 2012 he began work with Nashville based country singer/songwriter Bryson Jennings. Over the last decade he has worked and recorded with several major producers including Travis Wyrick (Charlie Daniels, Toby Mac, POD) and Nathaniel Kunkel (BB King, Good Charlotte, John Mayer).

With the continuation of his musical career he consistently remains passionate and personable with his drumming, seeking to always play to the music and playing comfortably with the accompanying musicians regardless of the setting and genre.

Christopher proudly endorses Silverfox Sticks, SJC Drums, and Dream Cymbals.