Jazmin English

Epic Worship

Jazmin English

Jazmin English has been playing the drums since the age of five. At seven years old, she began playing at her home church in Brooklyn, New York.

"My parents were not at all pleased with me being a seven year old girl playing the drums and usually being the only girl surrounded by older male musicians. In efforts to discourage my passion, they put me in piano lessons. After a week of lessons, my instructor advised my parents to keep their money because all I did was tap on the keys." Growing up in a musical family has provided Jazmin with the opportunity to play in and witness various musical environments. Jazmin's background is rooted in gospel however, she is familiar with CCM and rock. These days, Jazmin is the drummer for the largest church in New Jersey, Epic Church International where she plays weekly and aids in the musical production. Jazmin is also currently in school studying to become a lawyer and has plans to pursue a career in Entertainment Law where she can actively participate in the inner workings of the music industry and work closely with her passion.