Bryan Garbe


Bryan Garbe

Bryan Garbe has been playing drums and percussion for nearly two decades. He has toured with percussion ensembles, steel bands and rock bands throughout the U.S.

He has toured with percussion ensembles, steel bands and rock bands throughout the U.S. He is the Vice
President of the Connecticut Percussive Arts Society and creator of the CT PAS Artist Spotlight Series, a monthly feature to highlight some of the best drummers and percussionists in Connecticut.

Currently living in Brooklyn, New York he plays in five different bands of all different genres
including a power pop-rock group, a large indie ensemble project, a post-rock band, a couple different singer-songwriter projects, his own jazz trio and his solo project where he plays all the instruments.

Bryan has been teaching drum set, percussion, steel pan, guitar and ukulele between Connecticut and New York City for the past 10 years. He started attending PASIC when he was 14 years old and strives to be the best educator he can be. Bryan got his start studying with Jim Royle in
Bridgeport, Connecticut where he was introduced to the world of percussion and was given the great opportunity to perform with some of his percussion heroes and travel around the world to to perform and give drum set and percussion clinics.

Bryan is a drum set, guitar and ukulele teacher at the Williamsburg School of Music in Brooklyn, New York and the director of the Green Farms Academy Steel Band in Westport, Connecticut. Bryan has worked with some of the great drum educators of his time including, Dom Famularo, Liam Teague, Will Calhoun, Gregg Bissonette, Tommy Igoe, and Mike Clark. BryanŐs goal as a
teacher is to inspire his students to enjoy the music that they create. With a strong drive, an open mind, and the right technique, anything is possible.

Bryan also endorses Vater Stick and Dream Cymbals.