Ruben Hernandez


Ruben Hernandez

Ruben earned his bachelor degree in Music Education/Percussion from the San Diego State University (SDSU) where he studied classical percussion under the guidance of Greg Cohen (Principal Percussion – San Diego Symphony [SDSO]), drum-set with Mike Holguin (Celia Cruz) and Afro-Latin percussion with Mark Lamson and John Flood.

He has attended to several master classes/clinics with important and well-known percussionists including: Evelyn Glennie, Terry Bozzio, Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), and Joel Bluestone (Portland State University), among others. He also studied composition under the guidance of Alberto Nunez Palacio and Armando Pesqueira (Conductor, Chihuahua State Orchestra).

His work as a classical player has taken him to work along with conductors, composers, players and orchestras including: Eduardo Diaz-Muñoz, Eduardo Garcia Barrios, Michael Daugherty, Steven Bryant, Dimitri Dudin, Catalin Rotaru, Horacio Franco, Hernan del Riego, Regina Orozco, International Philharmonic of the Californias, Tijuana Camerata, USD Symphony Orchestra, and many more.

Outside classical music, his work as percussionist and drummer has taken him to work with a variety of ensembles, from Mexican folk music, to rock, jazz, flamenco and more including: “Del Flamenco al Tango” Duo, “Exilio Rojo” (Flamenco Show), “Corazon de Piedra Verde” (Mexican Folk Music), “La Luna te lo Dira…” (Musical Play), Javier Batiz (Mexican Rock Legend), Madame Ur y sus Hombres (Jazzy Trip-Hop), Lupillo Cruz y TNT (Jazz-Fusion), Renaissance Trio, and many more.

He is currently a member of the “Baja California Orchestra”, “Elixir Solar” (Flamenco-Classical-Bossa-Fusion), the Folk-Rock-Klezmer band “La Ballena de Jonas”, the Jazzy-Trp-Hop band “Madame Ur y sus Hombres” and he is currently the musical director and drummer of the new cabaret by “Hernan del Riego”. He is also teaches percussion at the Youth Symphony of Tijuana, The “Liceo” of the Baja California Orchestra and in a program based on the Venezuelan “El Sistema” called DoReMi Comunidad.