Michael Lerner

The Antlers

Michael Lerner

Michael's lifelong interest in the drums began at age three, and he began his first formal lessons when he was five years old.

It was later while attending Hampshire College in Amherst, MA that he had the opportunity to study with legendary musician Yusef Lateef. This was the catalyst for him to branch out and further explore new concepts and approaches to his playing. When recalling those years, Michael says: "I was always encouraged to find my own expressive voice. This is something that I continue to consider and refine in regards to my drumming." There have been a wide variety of drummers that have influenced Michael's playing and style, but it was Professor Lateef who made the biggest impression on him. "I learned so much from Yusef, both as a musician and as a person. In addition to teaching me to identify with and focus on the technical side of music, he also stressed the importance of investigating the emotional qualities of musical performance. I am so grateful to have known him."

Michael has played with numerous bands over the years, recording and performing extensively on an international level. He is most well known for his current work as the drummer of Brooklyn based band, The Antlers, and is very pleased to be endorsing Dream. "I find Dream cymbals to be very unique, both in their sound and feel. They are an integral part of helping me achieve my goals in creating my own individual sound." Michael proudly endorses DREAM Cymbals, C&C Custom Drums, Pro-mark Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads.