Joe Taurone

Bruiser and Bicycle

Joe Taurone

Joe Taurone, commonly referred to as "Albany's drummer", is a working multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and artist living in New York's capital region.

He is well known in the scene for being a frequent filer behind the drum kit, playing in far too many bands. Taurone has played hundreds of gigs in the United States, touring with bands Laveda (Paper Cup Music) and Bruiser and Bicycle (Topshelf Records), and Playing locally with several other projects. He also records his own music under joetaurone, and has engineered on several recordings for Albany bands at his home studio, Tummy Rub Records.

Growing up in Metuchen, New Jersey, Taurone was introduced to drumming at an early age and kept up the practice through his childhood. From school band, to marching band and jazz band, he found something he truly enjoyed and felt respected doing. Taurone then attended The College of Saint Rose for Music Industry, graduating a semester early in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science. While at school, he had the privilege of meeting many talented artists and collaborators that shared the same passion for music, which turned into weekly gigs and recording sessions. Taurone has has the pleasure of playing for tons for projects, including but not limited to: Lemon of Choice, Canella, Toriendofstory, L I L Y, Cheesy Snacks and Mark Manning.

Joe Taurone has toured throughout the United States on several occasions, and had the experiences of playing SXSW (2022, 2023), Treefort Music Festival (2023), New Colossus Festival (2022, 2023) and Audiotree Live (2020, 2023). One of Taurone's main bands, Bruiser and Bicycle, released their record Holy Red Wagon on Topshelf Records in April 2023. The album, an hour long freaky art-pop record, received positive reception from critic Ian Cohen, and a 7.5 score from a Pitchfork article written by Nina Corcoran. She wrote in regards to its production, "...Taurone transitions from a jittery syncopated beat fit for the Dodos into a blown-out crash that swallows the mix whole: drilling the snare, showering the toms in a rain of bullets and rattling his sticks on the cymbals. This attention to detail is evident through each song..." .

Currently, Taurone is actively living his dream of playing and recording as much as possible, and has no intention of stopping.