Moses Trotter


Moses Trotter

I started playing the drums when I was two. I’m a self taught drummer who couldn’t stop hitting things as a baby.

My mom bought me my first drum set when I turned two and I haven’t stop playing since. I grew up playing gospel music and then later transitioned into ccm music. Growing up playing gospel all I knew was gospel chops, so going into ccm music was tough. Over ther years I learned more about phrasing and spacing, so my drumming strengthened. I play at free chapel Orange County. It’s a well known church across the country with 6 different campus’. We have a lot of professional musicians who’ve played with Israel houghton, bj putnam, natasha bedingfield, Macy gray, cobie caillat, Jonathan reynolds, Ricardo Sanchez, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Getting to play with them and learning from them is so dope. I’ve been playing playing with armors for a little while now. They are managed by faction entertainment and atomic music group. Randy Jackson from American idol is a partner of faction so I get to see him occasionally, which is pretty cool ! I’ve recently started doing some studio work with Jennifer Lopez’s md and bass player Bryant Siono. He’s beeen teaching me a lot about the music industry and what to do to get my name out there and an up and coming drummer. I know it’s early in my career but I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thank you !