Mike Wrench

Epic Percussion

Mike Wrench

Mike Wrench is an independent Drummer, Educator, and Motivational Speaker, professionally since 2009.

Influenced by his family’s musical background, his passion for percussion started in childhood banging on pots and pans in his parents' kitchen. Around the age of 18, Mike's drumming developed more seriously and since then, has included performing live in a wide spectrum of local churches, bands, studio’s, educating the drumming community through classes and clinics, and supporting other independent artists on their albums and national tours. With EPIC percussion, Mike takes his instruction and mentoring efforts as a branch of his personal enthusiasm and dedication for percussion as well as a means of harnessing and promoting the therapeutic qualities of music. Mike’s Company “Upbeat Outreach” LLC was formed in 2015 to insure the special needs population gets the same benefits and rewards of being a drummer as the rest of us. With ``Upbeat” now finding its spot in the art of dance, Mike has partnered with “ You can do it Dance and Fitness” to bring his craft of rhythm and percussion to its clients. Ultimately, he believes that his own story and path to success can serve as an inspiration and change the lives of others, who may have exhausted all other outlets of therapy.