Clint Bassham

USA / Lawrence County High School

Clint Bassham

I have been behind a drum set since I was old enough to set up. My mom was a drummer so we had a set in the house.

I played through my school years and after high school I played with several bands and many genres of music. I played all over the middle Tennessee-North Alabama area. I have recorded for some independent artists and bands. I got well involved with my worship team at my church and led worship for several years. When my oldest daughter started band in Jr. High, I recognized a need with their percussion. This need became even greater on the High School level when they had a director change. So I volunteered and became part of the music staff at Lawrence County High school. We have marching and concert band as well as a Winter percussion group with SCGC. Unfortunately our winter group is unable to perform due to covid restrictions. I am also a part of our community concert band as well. Through this process of performing and teaching I pressed my self attended Berklee as well.