Emanual Ellinas

USA / Indian Springs School

Emanual Ellinas

Dedicated to inspiring another avenue of artistic creativity and collaboration, Indian Springs' Contemporary Music Program includes Contemporary Music Ensemble, Recording Sciences, and Experimental Music classes.

In Contemporary Music Ensemble, students work together as a band to produce two songs each semester.

The semester-long class aims to teach and develop performance skills while reinforcing music fundamentals, ear training, theory, arranging, and improvisation. Our Alabama boarding school bands work together to select songs, arrange instrumentation, and rehearse performances to be recorded and produced on vinyl. The class teaches soft skills transferable to both the classroom and the workplace. Through their collaboration, students learn to solve problems as a group, listen intently to one another, and coexist with colleagues on projects with different visions.

Recording Sciences is a semester-long elective that introduces students to sound engineering and production principles. Students can focus on their primary interest and choose to produce podcasts, create beats, or mix music performances by fellow students and record performances of touring acts.

The Experimental Music class is offered in the second semester as an elective that aims to teach students that anything that makes sound can be manipulated into music.