Jarod C. Estrada

USA / Lanham Music, Stewartsville HS, North Platte HS, Plattsburg HS

Jarod C. Estrada

Jarod Estrada is a percussionist, performer, and music theorist in the St. Joseph and Kansas City areas.

He studied with world-class teachers who have prepared him to succeed as a performer; he is ready to pass those skills on to his students. An all- around lover of music, Jarod has trained in rock/contemporary drumming, traditional/sacred drumming, and world/orchestral percussion. Jarod performs locally in St. Joseph, MO with artists such as Tom Keller, Stephanie Gummelt, and Brent Isom. He credits most of his experience to the British Brass Band community, having been a performer/conductor in over a dozen brass bands. Jarod is a checklist oriented teacher with clear achievable goals for his students. He hopes that an efficient system personalized to each student sets them up for success and, most importantly, having fun! "They call it 'playing' music for a reason!"