Caleb Herron

USA / Georgia State University

Caleb Herron

Caleb Herron is an energetic performer of the new and unheard. He was born with an ear for unique sounds and feeds this intrinsic sense through his passion for contemporary music.

From this passion, Caleb has commissioned more than twenty new solos from composers such as Marc Yeats, Anthony Donofrio, Daniel Swilley, Drew Baker, Carolyn Chen, Drew Dolan, and Michael Vincent Waller. Caleb is a founding member and Artistic Director of Chamber Cartel, a contemporary music group based in Atlanta. Through innovative programming the Cartel has brought several important pieces of contemporary repertoire to Atlanta and has commissioned more than twenty new ensemble works since 2012. Wanting to highlight the contemporary music scene in Atlanta, Caleb was a co-founder of the SoundNOW Festival. He has been fortunate enough to study under the direction of Dr. Stuart Gerber at Georgia State University and Dr. Morris Palter at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Caleb teaches percussion at Georgia State University, Perimeter College.