Dream Cymbals Dealers - Timpano-Percussion


Timpano-percussion is a store percussion specialty store based in Montreal that caters to a wide variety of clients: professionals, amateurs, schools, teachers, music therapists, etc… We cover a large range of instruments from drumsets, orchestral instruments, school instruments and hard to find eclectic instruments.

We love percussion instruments and are always looking for new and unique products that are hard to find but that deserve to be heard! All of our employees are professional musicians working in Montreal and touring the world with a bunch of different projects.

All this professional experience has given us the knowledge and passion to help our clients with their percussion needs!
Dream cymbals was one of the first cymbal lines that we brought into the shop. There are many reason why we love these cymbals, but the most important is the sound! We always have a large selection on hand for the clients to play (at least 50!) and we receive new shipments on a regular basis.


2174 ave Mont-Royal est
Montreal, QC H2H 1K3
Main: 514-528-9535