Tasting Tours - Yandas Music Tasting Tour (July 12 & 14 2016)

Nebraska Dreamers! We are coming to see YOU! Get ready for a Dream Cymbals tasting event at Yandas Music July 12 at the Kearney store and July 14 in Grand Island!

Come in to Yandas Music for a chance to check out our incredible stock of Dream Cymbals. For this event, we will have one of EVERY model from Dream Cymbals' line up present. We will have a drum kit set up and attendees can RSVP to reserve a time slot to try out any cymbals they want on the kit. We will also have a rep from Dream Cymbals present to provide knowledge and insight into the Dream Cymbal Product line.

Website: www.facebook.com/events/244149532622217