“In forty years of drumming, I’ve rarely encountered a group of cymbals as diverse as these. And it’s all good.” – T. Bruce Wittet, Modern Drummer Dec.’06

“I recently bought a 22" Dream Bliss and I instantly fell in love.” – quote from www.cymbalholics.com

“The 24" BLISS arrived today and I have to be the first to say... WOW... and that about sums it up for me. I thought the 22" BLISS was a nice cymbal, but the 24" BLISS is in a class by itself. I am totally blown away. It is simply something to behold. First of all, it is drop dead beautiful to the eye and it sounds fantastic. It has a great stick that is dark, but at the same time sits right on top of some beautiful wash. It really does sound more like an old, nice K. The 24", in spite of its size, is very complex but somehow more focused, and the stick is very much a "tah" and not a "ting". The wash is rich and full. Anyway, I think you get my drift... The 24" BLISS is definitely the stuff. If you're looking at a BLISS, get the 24" and you won't look back... Thanks again for a fantastic gem of a cymbal.” – Chris Fisher, Front Range Bronze

“Holy mackerel, well beyond what I was expecting. Wait till word hits the streets about these cymbals.” – quote from customer of Front Range Bronze

“I've now had time to try out my new BLISS ride cymbal. I have to tell you - I'm not satisfied. I am... deliriously overjoyed! Indescribably thrilled! Wildly ecstatic! The brand name is spot-on. Playing this cymbal is bliss. It's really the cymbal of your DREAMs.

This is exactly the cymbal I've been searching for over the past two decades. Along the way, I've spent a pretty good chunk of change on some of the 'vintage reissues', as well as some of the new generation handmade Turkish cymbals. But none of them had THE sound I was after: that profoundly PERFECT ride sound that emanated from the era of Art, Philly Joe, Tony & Elvin.

I am just amazed that these guys in Wuhan province, with their old world technology, have been able to totally nail the sound and feel of what the real Turkish K's were all about. This cymbal has a fabulous stick sound, sitting perfectly on top of a beautiful shimmering wash. The incredible thing is, it's really quite a thin cymbal... but due to its shape, and the stiffness the fundamental pitch is not low - so you get a shimmering wash instead of a dull droning hum. And that is what I love! The other usual drawback with many thin ride cymbals is that you lose volume and projection. Magically, there is no such weakness with this one. Put it down to genius in craftsmanship. I would like to find the guy that made this cymbal and give him a big hug and thank him profusely. But I'll have to settle for thanking you for making it possible for me to (finally!) get the cymbal that I've always wanted. Ten stars outa’ ten. Find of a lifetime. Blissfully Yours,” – Eric Brantl

“These great new cymbals are really something. It is rare to find such a great product so well priced! These cymbals are hand hammered and are reminiscent of a cross between fine Turkish cymbals and certain Oriental cymbals. The feel is soft under the stick and the cymbals are very responsive, with excellent undertones. The fairly flat profile lends itself to a lower pitch. The cymbals are exceedingly well suited to jazz players. You will think you are playing a much more expensive Turkish cymbal. Prices are amazingly low and quality is exceedingly high. These are remarkable cymbals. These can't miss.” – Todd in Denver

“BLISS cymbals are great. I generally like rich, complex, warm and dark cymbals. I think the BLISS cymbals offer this. I find it amazing that these cymbals get the "privilege" of being likened so much to Ks, especially since they [Ks] are so darn inexpensive, relatively speaking. I mean, it's like paying for a Toyota and driving off in a Mercedes. Economics aside, all I can say is the BLISS cymbals have this raw, organic, untamed character–like somebody melted some metal and hammered the heck out of it into this beautiful work of art. Oh wait, someone did! These cymbals are musical and they are on the top of my list.” – Vinny

“Holy mackerel! Well beyond what I was expecting. Wait till word hits the streets about these cymbals. And I mean that as one who is in awe. I guess I've never played real, true hand hammered cymbals before. I couldn't believe how many different beautiful tones come from this plate. Apart from the cymbal rolls, I brought out so many complex harmonics using a metal scraper going around the edge of the plate, like a bow. This is an amazing cymbal. THANK YOU” – anonymous

“Dig this... been messin' around a bit with the tympani mallets… just softly on the very edges. Man that is one hip sound. These BLISS have some seriously mysterious voices in there. It's like there's spirits in there wantin' out. Scary. Weird. Cool.” – Joel

“Cool. Refreshing. Exotic. Fun. Interesting. Love 'em. I especially got right into the 20 incher. When I rode it and it started hummin' it reminded me of the sound a hive of bees makes. And the wooden click of the stick was never lost.” – Vinny Rac

“Just wanted to let you know that I used all my BLISS on a blues/electric gig Friday night and they kicked ass. I really pounded the hell out of them. The 18 crash is just outstanding and the 20 inch is sooo sweet! That's all I can say... WOW!! I have checked out every 12" splash on the market!! I’ll pick THIS one over ANY other brand... fantastic! I need more!! Thanx!” – Thomas